Asian-American Shame: entangled conflicts of multi-cultural standards

Practicing Humility

Typically, when I make a post, I don’t really care who looks at it or how many views I get. I mainly do it so I can look at my notes for future reference or to think through some thoughts. Today, I’m writing this post with the intent to share this message and to initiate a conversation.

Photo on 10-15-13 at 2.36 PM #2 Recently I finished reading Brene Brown’s book: Daring Greatly. I’ve already read 2 of her previous books (Gifts of Imperfection) and (I Thought It was Just Me) and I’m a huge fan of her research. When Brene first started her research on shame, she exclusively studied women. Brene describes shame as like a web to women – they are pulled in opposing directions trying to meet society’s unyielding expectations.  Recently, she published some research on shame and men, and describes that men experience experience shame as being trapped…

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