God is Among the “Least of These”

032015least-retinaDoctrine, theology, dogma, certainty, orthodoxy (and Orthodoxy), the Bible, denominations, Traditions, religion, ideologies, ideas, practices, customs, books, meta-narratives, reason, logic, and absolutes; places and things wherein I looked for my salvation and couldn’t find it thus coming up short!

The poor, oppressed, forgotten, hated, marginalized, misunderstood, outcasts, prophets, mystics, meek, mournful, hungry, thirsty, merciful, suffering, persecuted, widowed, immigrant, refugee, sorrowful, repentant, downtrodden, heart-broken, lost, hurting, broken, humble, imprisoned, blind, crippled, mute, deaf, abused, traumatized, forsaken, forgotten, wanderers, seeking, questioning, queer, gay, lesbian, transgender, genderless, black, yellow, red, white, atheist, non-religious, religious, “least of these,” and any I’ve left out or can’t recall–please forgive me; people, AGAIN I say, PEOPLE, among whom I’ve found my salvation because Christ dwells among them all and with whom I can develop relationships as fellow Image-bearers, icons, of The Divine!

Christ is all of them, and they are Christ. To know them is to know Christ in whom our lives are hidden with God who shall appear and reveal to us all our glory as His children.

God is found among people not among theology, ideologies, books, etc. People are more important than any of those things.

My salvation is among all of these and theirs is among mine! Let us come together in love, unity, and mutual humanity to embrace one another with love, kindness, forgiveness, goodness, and shared humanness!

We may have gotten into the existential messiness of humanity and life on this earth on our own, but we aren’t getting out of it alone! What I do impacts all in this world and vice versa! I need you, and you need me! We are one!

Lord Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner, seeking You among Your people. Amen.

“I firmly believe that our salvation depends on the poor.” -Dorothy Day


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