White To Be Right

Remember, always remember, God is not a white man…neither was Jesus!

CBE-Voices of Color

Christianity is neither white, nor is it a White religion, nor did it originate from White people, yet it has been dominated by White thought, White culture, White bodies and White voices.

The carnal bent of human nature to dominate does not reveal itself only in male pride and superiority, but also in ethnic pride and superiority.

The very same systems and school of thought that drive gender inequality are the same systems and schools of thought that drive ethnic dominance and specifically, White dominance.

The acceptability and preference of White bodies and White spaces is clearly manifested in the way White/Western thought dominates the conversation on human rights and gender equality.

White privilege goes beyond privilege of the White male. It encompasses privilege of the White body, spaces and voices over Colored bodies, spaces and voices.

Colored bodies, spaces and voices are only as acceptable as White bodies, spaces…

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