Why I Don’t Support the KY Clerk


As a Libertarian, I’ve never supported an entire destruction of federal government only a limiting of its power and size. The federal government has had to come in and make laws that are good and right where local and state govts have failed. I firmly believe the law that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court was indeed rightly judged. I firmly believe the Constitution grants these freedoms. Many Christians see it their duty to make sure a theocracy exists where there should never be one in this principled pluralistic society and culture.

I digress. Back to the federal government issue. For instance, the federal government decided the Civil Rights Act. Should local/stste governments be able to ignore that and be racist as they want? Should employees of local/state governments be able to ignore Civil Right Act laws and live by their racists traditions, values, and beliefs towards all non-whites? Hopefully any sane person would say no to this asisine notion and that the federal government rightly used its power to put injustice to a stop.

Take out Civil Rights Act and put in gay marriage. Same goes for the clerk in KY. She has no rights or no liberties to continue to practice her private held religious beliefs as a servant of the local government, which must uphold numerous federal laws. If she can’t in good faith and conscience continue to perform duties the government has decided then she needs to resign and be on her way. This is why I believe, as did the earliest Christians, that military and civil jobs shouldn’t be held by Christians. As my pal JMS says, she is no hero or martyr.

End of argument.


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