This Is Not a Pretty Picture


My priest, Fr. Stephen Freeman, who runs the amazing blog “Glory to God for All Things,” shared these reflections online tonight. I felt they were worthy to share here:

Abortion is not a ‘women’s issue.’ It’s a human issue. ‘Women’s health’ is another euphemism for ‘that which must be admitted.’ Abortion is not ‘modern.’ Opposition to abortion is not being ‘stuck in the past.’ Opposition to abortion is not patriarchy. These are all just rhetoric to avoid facing the truth about what we are doing and what we are becoming.

We are not good people. This is not a great nation. We are not free and we are not prospering. We are becoming a culture of death, serving only the selfishness of our own desires.

Our politics produces silly, angry people. Our religion produces silly, greedy people. We amuse ourselves by watching ‘reality shows’ that reflect just how banal and shallow we have become.

This is not a pretty picture. But it is accurate. We are seeing what the wrath of God looks like. Not fire and brimstone, but a people handed over to the consequences of their own decisions [Romans 1].

May God have mercy on us and give us the grace of true repentance and spare us from ourselves. May He not let us have what we’ve asked for nor what we deserve.”

– Fr. Stephen Freeman

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal have mercy on us and save us.


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