My Faith Doesn’t Save Me


My faith is not about my finding salvation on my own/privately or how to escape ‘Hell,’the Hell that many believe will exist in the afterlife!

My faith is in a God who is telling a never-ending story of grace, a tale of beauty and awe.

My faith is about my joining in with His story and doing all I can to help bring Heaven to earth, here and now.

My faith is about journeying into the depths of my Hades and finding Christ there with a cup of grace and mercy.

My faith is about reaching out and grasping the hand of the Resurrected Messiah who pulls me out of my Hades He conquered!

My faith is personal, but not private! Intimate, but not solitary! It is communally shared among all the covenant believers.

My faith isn’t about escaping the world, ignoring the hurt and wrong here, condemning the world, or leaving it to destruction. It is eschatologically realized here and now. God is going to bring newness, rightness, to this place not rescue us out of it to watch it burn. No! He shall reign here.

My faith doesn’t disregard matter! My faith is about bread, wine, water, and oil becoming the tangible vehicles of God’s grace in our lives.

My faith isn’t about believing in Jesus in order to be rescued from Hell, but being conformed to the image of God in Christ in whom we find newness and our real Self, the New Man. It’s about allowing the Spirit to replicate Christ in us.

Finally, my faith, well, even with all the “my” mentioned it really isn’t mine. My faith doesn’t save me. The faithfulness of Christ is what saves us. Our synergistic uniting to His faith in the Mysteries is what saves us!

Let us gives thanks for God’s faithfulness and the work Christ does in us to become like Him. Our lives are hidden with Christ in God!


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