Life: Embracing the Serendipitious, Experiencing the Paradox

swimBe comfortable with and embrace paradox, contradiction, and ambiguity. It is the womb of creativity.’ -Deepak Chopra ‘Spiritual Solutions’

I just made the following reflections of my ADHD mind a status and note on Facebook over the summer, but some may see it and some may not. I like to blog and collect the random shit that enters my weird ass mind, so if you know what this says read it again, maybe share it. If you haven’t I hope it is a blessing:

I’m trying to eliminate drama in my life and just simply be and to go with the flow. Serendipity has become a big thing for me with people that have come into my life and my new work friends that have become really close already. I’ve learned when life removes people from our lives to learn from the mistakes, wish them peace, learn to forgive them in time, and that when serendipity brings you new people that those serendipitous moments are worth exploration regardless of where things go or how.

Hence the reason I’ve chosen to move on against the conventional “wisdom” of others who wish to plan not only their own lives, but also the lives of others.

All in all, I’m rediscovering myself, learning new things, being more open to all people and who they love, being less judgmental, learning to accept my ADHD and how to manage it, working on my shortcomings, reevaluating everything at all times, looking for ways to grow and change, and for a change discovering some small shred of happiness in a melancholic world.

I wish the same for all. I truly do. I believe life to contain joy and sorrow, to quote Virginia Woolf, “woven together like reeds in the moonlight.” And any moment or shot at such happiness shouldn’t be ignored because the timing was wrong, you fear the opinions of those who have a cookie cutter view of life wrapped up in a bow, or people are afraid of it.

I say all that only to encourage you all in hopes we’ll all discover this too and live accordingly without envy, fear, judgment, plans, and hatred. That we’ll all live like this no matter what or who this melancholic, joyful, and serendipitous life brings across our paths in our existential struggle to not only find, but also to create meaning, joy, happiness, and stability in the midst of ever-present meaningless, melancholy, sadness, despair, instability, and suffering.

It’s in between these positives and negatives where life is lived and found. It’s about living in the tension of the paradoxical nature that is our lives here and now. Abide therein, my friends. Abide in the paradox. Live it! Breath it! EXPERIENCE it! Your life is yours, but also mine. Let us be creative in our living in the paradox of our existence!




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