Good Deeds Always Win



“Responding to the embittered man, the angry man, or the stupid man, while hoping to win him over, does nothing for him, and eventually gives power to the demon who would devour the man’s soul, and consume your own. Thinking you have to prove the correctness of your point of view does nothing for truth, but only gives power to the demons of pride, anger, and stupidity. The power and influence of good deeds always wins out in the end.” –Abbot Tryphon

This short reflection is more geared towards the Orthodox readers who follow along. Abbot’s words are welcomed for us Westerners who tend to think only upon rational arguments or rational evangelical tools to convince others of the Truth of Orrthodoxy. While there is room for such arguments, like when, asked about the Faith by other Christians or non-Christians, I believe there is a better way. The way of…

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